Crochet Little Holders

I was in Italy, Rome, and bought two small pandants with Padre Pio and St. Anthony to put them in my purse. I like to crochet and therefore I did one holder for both pandants (see below).

Padre Pio 02 Padre Pio 03 

Padre Pio 01

Then I thought I must do something for my keys which are hard to find in my big purse, and this is what I obtained. I hang them from inside and I find my keys easily, even when not looking for them.

Key 02 Key 03

Key 04 Key 05

Key 01

After that, I thought that whenever I go shopping, I have to look up in my purse for some coins - for basket, for rest, for… whatever. Therefore i made a small purse for my coins which can be put near the zipper, outside the purse, to be easier for me to find the coins.

Coins 01

Coins 02

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