Money is not the root of evil. Greed is the root of evil. Any system is open to abuse. Any rules are subject to breakage. No rules are subject to one rule. What the anarchists have missed is that the ultimate defense against organization is self reliance.

Why would a man steal from another, commit a crime against another. For scarcity? that condition could certainly lead to crime. People kill each other in war who would otherwise be friends. The condition of war provides that horrible situation. But why steal or kill in the situation? Because below it all, is survival. Not a condition, a necessity, an instinct below all others, a bedrock. Humans are marvelous creatures because we can rise above our need solely to survive, but instigate the need to survive, and you will find a very different man. Yes conditions can instigate instincts, or appease them, but Zeitgiest is very wrong to believe that simply changing the clothes on the structure is a change to the structure at all.

Nothing systematically changes. You may say well everyone has everything. Well, all I have right now is tied up in someone else's house who has all their stuff tied up in another's car, don't we all each have everything right now through our present system? Each country is opened to abuses. It is opened to the exploitation of the very resources it seeks to protect. It has no checks and balances in place. It is just like now. It is not the future, it is a retelling of the present. It is the social scientists vision of the ages, and it is fraught with human frailty, for all it's intention, it is a failure of the human imagination. Why? Because it sees only the symptoms of "Now" and sets its sights on solving those. It is as typical as taking cold medicine; it will not heal the cold, only alleviate the symptopms.

Why is this? Because it does not address human instincts. It hides them like the frosting on a layer cake. It is too much technology, and too little understanding. OH, but they have science! What if Newton wouldn't have used his intuition when he saw that apple fall. He knew what he was looking for before he ran the tests. The scientific method is only useful after the spark of intuition has been lit. And what does the scientific method prove? Solely this; that the mind of man is far more diligent in its understanding of this world than is our philosophy of it, or of ourselves. The method may prove out some misgotten relationship, but the method itself, is a creaton of inspiration as well. Our instincts, will forever outpace our condition, and do our instincts ever really change?

Do you think it's instinct for people to be social like that, to not want to be ostracised? Here's a little experiment. Get a friend in a parking lot and engage them in a deeply intellectual conversation. Have another friend drive toward you so that your buddy you are conversing with cannot see. Slam on the breaks 10 feet away and watch what happens. The flinch, the jump, the fear, the inability to return directly to that intellectual conversation, the adrenaline. Survival is an instinct, it's not something you are conditioned to. It rules over ALL conditions when activated.

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